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Ultimate User Experience

provide your customer a whole new

location-based service experience in mall,

hospital, transportation station, museum,

parking garage and playground…

1-3m positioning accuracy

beacon with especially designed patented antenna to increase positioning accuracy and stability

Multiple sensor-fused technology

SAILS Tech. engine has a positioning algorithm with sensor fusion technology (WiFi, BLE, GPS, g-sensor, gyro, and compass)

Seamless indoor and outdoor navigation (GPS+BLE)

wireless installation (no electricity nor cable needed) + super fast and flexible fingerprint collection

Outstanding turn-by-turn navigation

high accuracy and stability + smooth and high sensitivity + live voice navigation + multiple path selection (stairs, escalator or elevator)

Complete technical module and implementation tools.

supports iOS 8.0 and above, Android 4.3 and above + optional function: location sharing and car locator


Learn more about
our magical indoor location technology

Stunning Indoor Navigation UI/UX

Powerful SAILS
Positioning Engine

Each sensor has its advantages and disadvantages on positioning. However, SAILS Tech. sensor-fused engine retained the advantages and eliminated the shortcomings.

SAILS Tech. has more than 5 years experience on sensor-fused engine designing. SAILS Tech. positioning engine is fused by WiFi, BLE, g-sensor, gyro, and compass, making the positioning effect smooth and with high sensitivity. Thus, SAILS Tech. positioning engine can perfectly present user’s each step or turn.

Easy To Implement

4 easy steps: fast venue deployment
1. JOSM + SAILS MRE(Map Render Editor) :

.Draw the map using JOSM and color your map with MRE (Map Render Editor).
.Do not know how to draw? Do not worry. We can also customize a professional map for you.

2. Install SAILS Tech. Beacon:
.1pc SAILS Tech. Beacon covers about 30sqm
.Install 1pc Beacon every 6-8m
.Install on 3-4m high ceiling or wall.

3. Collect fingerprint(positioning signal) with BuildNGO
.BuildNGo can collect positioning signal of 1000sqm within 15 minutes. Moreover, BuildNGO can also analyze your venue’s positioning quality.

4. Immediately experience the deployment result with SAILS Tech. exclusive positioning navigation APP
.No need to write any code. Immediately experience SAILS Tech. ultimate indoor navigation service in your own venue. YES! That is how easy it is.

Perfectly embeds
into your APP

SAILS Tech. SDK can make your online and offline business together by seamlessly embedding the location-based service and navigation system into your existing mobile App.

End-users do not even need to search the destination. As soon as the APP is opened, the system can automatically guide the user to the next destination based on the information or process in the App.

Use cases
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"Start Building
Your First LBS Venue"


SAILS Tech.’s iMap App - Taipei
Main Station is the 2015 Best Use Case Winner of InLocation Alliance competetion. The InLocation Alliance (ILA) was founded by the mobile industry to accelerate the adoption of indoor position solutions that will enhance the mobile experience by opening up new opportunities for consumers and venue owners. The InLocation Alliance was originally founded in August 2012 by: Broadcom, CSR, Dialog Semiconductor, Eptisa, Nokia, Nordic Technology Group, NowOn…etc. The 2015 Best Use Case venue is Taipei Railway Station, also known as the Taiwan's largest maze, is so complicated that 1st timers waste at least 15 minutes trying to figure out their way. Imagine a station that handles over half a million passengers daily on conventional rail, metro, and high speed rail and calculate the total time wasted! Passengers and visitors can only rely on confusing sign-boards to find their direction. SAILS Tech. has launched iMap App - Taipei Main Station, a perfect presentation of SAILS Tech. core technology on locating and navigation.

InLocation Alliance -

Best Use Case Winner 

About us

SAILS  Technology  was  founded  in  Taiwan,  2012.  SAILS, 
abbreviate  of  Smart  Antenna-based  Indoor  Locating  System,  focuses  on  innovated hardware and software  system  design  for  low-cost, high  accuracy  indoor  positioning for smart phone and IoT application.  
We have provided indoor navigation services for more than 150 hospitals. 

SAILS Tech. main goal is to provide users ultimate indoor LBS experience. We believe that providing a perfect interactive experience is the only key way to open the demand for indoor LBS.

In every venue that SAILS Tech. deploy, we uphold the spirit of making fine solution. In addition to accumulated venue deploying experience, SAILS Tech. also continue to upgrade SDK and deployment tools, providing agents and partners a powerful technical support.


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